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Custom Parts Testing

Our R&D staff works with the world renowned suppliers and we also test any particular part in-house, including:

Frame Detection; Repeated pushing and pulling tests from the vertical and horizontal angle, using the fixed pushing and pulling forces & frequency to ensure the required service lifetime and safety of our products.

Parts Detection; We will also use different types of equipment to test electrical parts in order to ensure battery capacities and its power.

Frame Assembly

For most models, we build the frames as well:

After conducting 100% full inspection of all parts, our skillful workers will first employ state-of-the-art machines to assemble qualified head parts, a headset cup, and the front fork units on your electric bikes to ensure their stability.

Wheel Assembly

We have a team of Wheel Assembly specialists.

Knitting; In this step, our experienced workers will use aerospace-grade aluminum alloy materials to knit your e-bike tires based on your product design, before putting them on a calibrator machine.

Calibrator; Automatic calibrator machine is characterized by easy regulation and good performance. It guarantees the normal torque of wheel sets and ensures the precision, stability and perfection of each wheel.


Full front and core part assembly in our Chinese factory

Front Part Assembly; Then, through our automated frame suspension lines, our workers will assemble a handlebar, stem, displays, controllers, and shifter lever units, allowing a rider to operate an E-bike with ease.

Core parts assembly; After that, other core parts of your E-bike will be assembled, including a fender, carrier, break disc, BB(Bottom Bracket), freewheel, crank, crankset, derailleur, chains, derailleur cable, and the rest, via automatic torque & anchoring force pneumatic tools, in order to guarantee the normal torque value in all parts of the product.

Quality Assurance

All finished products will undergo the ride test, conducted by our QC Team

Function Test; After the assembling process is completed, we will test the controller under the constant current and constant voltage power supply, in order to test the performance of derailleur, power assistance, brake, light, and the rest.

Suspension; After the function testing is successfully completed, our QC workers will ride all bikes, one by one, through a bumpy road, and then climb a 15-degree slope, while following strict instructions throughout..


Quality is the to success and is in our DNA!

We will then package our products carefully in designated packaging following strict instructions, so the ebike will at it's destination in good shape.